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Imagine being able to work the whole of your baby's body through the feet!

Help enhance their well-being, encourage relaxation all without having to get them undressed.

mama and baby

This 6 week course is run through the Kāpiti Women's Centre and shows you the basics of refelxology for infants while covering routines you can use easily at home. Baby Reflexology is a great way to connect with baby, help their well-being and support their constantly changing bodily functions without having to get them undressed!

Learn how you can use reflexology to help with common infant issues, like tummy pain, in a nurturing way.  Six different routines are covered over the five weeks. Suitable for infants up to 1 year old. I teach using a doll while you massage your baby.


What are the Benefits of Baby Reflexology?

- Relaxation for parent and child

- Ability to 'work' the whole body without getting baby undressed each time.

- Helps emotional development through bonding

- May ease discomfort from painful gas, colic and reflux

- Assists healthy circulation and bodily function


What you can expect:

- A welcoming environment of trust, respect and understanding

- 6 weekly sessions of 1-1.5 hours long with yummy morning teas

- Learn 6 different 'routines' you can use with baby

- Each week we focus on a different body system and how to use reflexology for different issues

baby feet

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