Supporting you Becoming Healthy

Are you a busy person whose stress levels and health issues are stopping you from living the life you want?

Then my Stress-Less consultations are for you! Stress causes so many other problems - physically, mentally and emotionally - in our lives aside from just being busy all the time and it is important that you have a way forward without spiraling into poor health and well-being.

Stress-Less consultations are geared to help you have happy and healthy days by reducing stress, clearing negative emotions and dealing with overwhelm. It is possible to have the life you wish and less stress!

I use a range of tools and techniques to help you bring more balance into your life and find ways of managing your days with less stress. As part of the consultations you will learn techniques which you can then use at home as and when you need them.

I offer private online consultations as well as consultations in our rooms in Kapiti.

Just e-mail me to book your sessions.  


Initial Consultation (1-1.5 hours) =$70

Second and subsequent consultations (30 mins) = $30